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Manufacturer Descriptions

   WPW VIDEOS: WPW started filming women bodybuilders in the very late 1970s and there are currently 773 WPW titles. There are two distinct types of WPW videos- 'posing videos' where the woman poses in several outfits (bikinis, leotards, dresses, etc), works out in the gym and is interviewed. The other videos are contest videos, and include regional and national amateur bodybuilding and fitness contests, pro bodybuilding and fitness contests and strength contests, as follows:
   SUPER 8 TO VIDEO TRANSFERS: WPW used Super 8 film until 1984, when 'real' video equipment was used. The following WPW videos are Super 8 to video transfers and the quality of course is not as good as the videos taped later: WPW Video #1 through 22, and WPW 27 and 53 are all Super 8 transfers.
   CONTEST VIDEOS: the following are bodybuilding or fitness contests, and usually contain prejudging, finals and awards. Some of these videos are already available, other contest and posing videos will be added over time.

   WPW COMPILATION VIDEOS: WPW produced 'Compilation Videos' which feature 5-10 different women on one video. In many cases there is a theme, such as only very ripped women being on several of the videos, or very off season women on others. All of the footage for these came from the original full length releases for the women.
   FITNESS VIDEO COMPANY: When the fitness scene started to become popular in the early 1990's, WPW decided to tape these new women and to put the videos on this WPW owned company. Some of the videos were taped by the WPW crew and others by the Ray Martin crew. All feature the best fitness women of the time, hitting shots bodybuilding style, working out in the gym and being interviewed. Eight of the earliest fitness contests were taped and are featured here also. There are a total of 25 Fitness Videos, but after a few years the women were getting way more muscular and WPW decided to just release the fitness, then the figure women also, as WPW videos.
   RAY MARTIN VIDEO COMPANY: Nearly all of the 228 Ray Martin videos were taped by Ray Martin, with a few done by WPW and one other independent videographer also. Many are very similar to the WPW videos as the women pose, work out and sometimes interviewed, but the difference is that for many of the RM videos, there is a 'skit' where the women ham it up. For example, in one series of videos, two or more women may be interviewed by a rich guy who wants to support them, but the women have to do tests of strength to see which woman is stronger, etc.

   MUSCLEVILLE2: is authorized to sell video downloads from the following groups of video producers: Women's Physique World (WPW), Ray Martin (RM) and the Fitness Video Company. The WPW Compilation videos were also produced by WPW.

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