WPW004 - Teagan Clive & Karen Meade (Super 8 transfer) - (23 minutes) - Video Download

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WPW004 - Teagan Clive & Karen Meade (Super 8 transfer) - (23 minutes)
We met Teagan Clive (her full name before dropping the Clive later) when she was a spectator at a contest in California in 1984. The next time our staff was out west, we set up this Super 8mm film session, and with that film release and photos/story in the WPW magazine, she became an instant cult favorite- and she hung out with Kay Baxter and Pillow to boot. Fans loved her because of her size, but also her very outgoing personality. We did have one 'real' video session with her in 1985- she was supposed to do the 1985 Nationals (the one that Cory won), but due to some technical mistake regarding her qualification, she was not able to compete. That did not stop us from taping her as she was in outstanding shape, and that footage is on WPW-33. Teagan dropped out of competition at that time, but continued to write articles for various bodybuilding magazines for many years. Karen Meade was similar to Teagan in size only- a very large and strong 'girl' of 18. She competed in California for a few years and this was our only session with her. She poses in a bikini and leotard, a dress and lifts in the gym. 
Runs 23 minutes.

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