WPW026 - Kay Baxter - (62 minutes) - Video Download

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WPW026 - Kay Baxter - (62 minutes) - Video Download
Kay, and Georgia Fudge, were the first two bodybuilding stars WPW did work with, shooting Super 8 film of them as early as 1979. All of Kay's Super 8 transfer footage, taking each year from 1979-1984, is on WPW-1. We did our first 'real video' with her in 1985, and that footage is here- gymwork, posing in many outfits and an interview, and the video quality is pretty good. Some of this footage is on her WPW-155 DVD Compilation, along with selected footage from our other sessions with her. WPW-155 would be the best value, but if you want all of her footage, you will want to get the original releases.  
Runs 62 minutes

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