WPW064 - Kay Baxter and Cammie Lusko - (121 minutes) - Video Download

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WPW064 - Kay Baxter and Cammie Lusko - (121 minutes) - Video Download
We had many sessions with Kay starting in 1979, and this one in 1986 was our last. The 1986 footage shows Kay posing in a red bikini and gold dress, and that footage is on her WPW-155 compilation video. Added to this is Jerry and Norm Cohen's camcorder footage of her in 1979 when she was in her early 30's, but looks about 20 here! This is worthwhile as the video is 'live', unlike our Super 8 transfer of her on WPW-1, as Kay posed in many outfits at several locations, and did repwork in the gym. As an added bonus, Cammie Lusko is also shown posing and doing some of her heavy 'odd lifts' in the gym. The overall picture quality of both the 'real' video and camcorder is OK compared to our current stuff,  but is totally viewable. Historically, this is interesting footage as it shows a relatively slender bodybuilder just starting out in 1979, then, at the end of her career. For all of the inbetween work when she was at her best, check out WPW-155. Sadly, Kay was killed in an auto accident in 1988. 
Runs 121 minutes.

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