WPW154 - 1989 Women's Extravaganza Strength Show - (225 minutes) - Video Download

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1989 Women's Extravaganza Strength Show
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WPW154 - 1989 Women's Extravaganza Strength Show - Video Download
We recently did some new video work with Liza Lawrence who competed in this contest as Liza Hoen. While adding footage of her from this show to her new Video/DVD #656, we realized what a great contest this was and decided to offer the entire 4 hour contest.  The Extravaganza shows have been run nearly yearly since 1987 (and before that, we tape the â€Å“Superbowl of Strengthâ€Â and â€Å“Strength Expoâ€Â contests, which we may re-release in the future), but only one (the 2001 event on WPW Video-463) has been released on DVD. This 1989 event was one of the best as it featured the most women, including top physique stars such as Sharon Marvel, Laura Binetti, Joan Lauth, Dâ€â„¢Lynne Kritsky/Miller, Virginia Brady, Cheryl Rath/Rivers, Tara Dodane and several others...and, of course, Raye â€Å“Zapâ€Â Hollitt. The women competed in six events back then â€â€œ leg extensions, chins, dips, leg presses, curls and bench press and whichever woman did the most reps won. A fabulous one of a kind contest!!!'
About 225 minutes

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