WPW209 - Kris Luebke - Video Download

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WPW209 - Kris Luebke - Video Download
Many, many tapings over the four years 1989 through 1992 appear on this tape, and Kris had a different “look” each time, ranging from top cut contest shape at her Extravaganza win in 1989 all the way up to about 180 pounds (at 5'7"). Not only is she blessed with a national caliber physique, Kris may be the strongest woman bodybuilder around today—her gymwork will floor you as she benches over 300 pounds, leg presses 1,400 pounds, curls over 200 pounds and more! She poses her massively muscled physique in many, many different outfits over the years—a beautiful tape of an incredibly beautiful and unique woman.
165 minutes

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