WPW257 - Ericca Kern - (138 minutes) - Video Download

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WPW257 - Ericca Kern - (138 minutes) - Video Download
When Ericca Kern first appeared on the scene one thing was always heard or overheard- she could be the next Ms. Olympia, due to the striking resemblance of her physique to that of Cory Everson's- in fact, there was a facial similarity as well ! Ericca never did win the Ms. O, but did have a successful career for a few years during the late 1990's. We had two sessions with her for this video- in 1994 when she was in top contest shape at 5'7" 150 pounds, then in early 1995 when she was 160 pounds, but still very lean and hard. Her gymwork was impressive to say the least- repping out with 225 and 250 in the bench, leg pressing 1400 pounds with no wraps, nearly racking the lat pulldown machine (well over 200 pounds), etc. She then poses in many outfits during both sessions and is interviewed. Not much more can be said than she had a flawless physique topped off by facial beauty, just like a potential Ms. Olympia should be! 
Runs 138 minutes.

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