WPW258 - Zuzana Korinkova - Video Download

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This is our second video of this female dynamo, and lucky for us and you, we had two full days with her this time.
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WPW258 - Zuzana Korinkova - Video Download
This is our second video of this female dynamo, and lucky for us and you, we had two full days with her this time. In our first release we had Zuzana posing indoors only, but we were fortunate to have a 70 degree day after this April’s Extravaganza, enabling us to do some “on location” outdoors video/photo work, to go along with some indoors, and for the first time, some gymwork. Zuzana was not only in physique contest shape for the strength show, she was chiseled. For her gymwork, we were torn between doing our rep oriented workout to get her really pumped, or having her display her unreal strength. We did some of both, she does reps with lighter weights for curls, then gets serious and maxes out at 135 pounds for two reps (this, at a bodyweight of about 120 pounds, making this one of our most impressive lifts ever). She racks the lat pulldown deck, does reps on the toe-raise machine (before racking that as well...), benches almost 200 pounds, and on the leg press, she works up to where there is about 800 on the machine, then our editor Steve sits on it, and she proceeds to leg press the thousand pounds! The gymwork runs 20+ minutes, then we move into the regular posing inside for about 30 minutes. Her upper body is absolutely awesome, but her calves were chiseled as well, and we have a great walking scene displaying the calves. To finish off the tape, we have extracted Zuzana’s performance at the 1995 Extravaganza Strength show, which runs about 10 minutes. We hope you enjoy viewing this video as much as we did taping it. Unless someone can tell us otherwise, Zuzana combines facial beauty, a world class physique, and unreal physical strength better than any women ever, and this tape displays it all.??
          The original WPW Video-258 featured about 1 1/2 hours of Zuzana from her 1995 session, and we have now added the 30 minutes or so of her from the original WPW Video #238 (1993 footage). The beauty from the Czech Republic made some very good improvements in 2 years and shows off a superior physique In her bikini and many great looking dresses. Every body part was very muscular and very defined, including huge biceps and triceps, a chiseled back, unreal side chest shots and a deep six-pack of abs. Her lower body, including very muscular thighs and great calves, matched the upper body, and it was all topped off by terrific facial beauty and great hair.
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