WPW407 - Cynthia Bridges - (159 minutes) - Video Download

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WPW407 - Cynthia Bridges - (159 minutes) - Video Download
Cynthia was from California, and we met her when she competed- and won- two of the Extravaganza Fitness strength contests in the late 1990's. Freelance videographer, Tony Duffy, did the photo/video session in early 2000, resulting again in lots of interesting posing scenes. She hits the shots bodybuilding style in different outfits, and her best bodyparts were arms, back and deep cut abs. She was a dancer/gymnast before bodybuilding, and displays skill and strength by doing splits, straddles, walking on hands, one arm pushups and overhead flips. Then, Tony spent five hours with her in the gym where she did some very heavy lifting, including repping out on the bench press with more than her bodyweight. Her stage routine at the 2000 Atlantic City Pro Fitness Contest, and an interview, are also included. Cynthia was one of the best ever in terms of a highly developed fitness physique, strength and beauty of face and hair. 
Runs 159 minutes.

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