WPW427 - Dawn Sutherland - (120 minutes) - Reduced to 16.95 - Video Download

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WPW427 - Dawn Sutherland - (120 minutes) - Video Download
Dawn competed in amateur shows in her native England in the 90's, and during a vacation trip to the US in 2000, was spotted in the audience of a bodybuilding show by free-lance videographer, Tony Duffy. He obviously made the right decision to set up a photo/video session with her on the spot. She was off-season at 5'4" 145 pounds, but was in beautiful condition, featuring good size and shapes everywhere, but her arms and back were particularly impressive- and she had the looks of a high-priced fashion model. Tony taped lots of gymwork, then posing in several outfits and her interview. As far as we know, she never competed in the US and we never heard anything about her after this, which was too bad as she could have been incredible as either a bodybuilder or figure competitor- she had 'the look' for sure... This was our only WPW session with her, but Tony did more work with her which is on RM-213. 
Runs 120 minutes.  
REDUCED TO 16.95 due to some background noise from the camera mike.

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