WPW594 - Ericca Kern - THRESHOLD VIDEOS - (56 minutes) - Video Download

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WPW594 - Ericca Kern - THRESHOLD VIDEOS - (56 minutes) - Video Download
Erica is also on WPW-257.   Bodybuilding photographer Ralph DeHaan did a series of videos in the late 1990's, then decided to retire from that after a few years.
WPW purchased the rights to these in the early 2000s, and had already re-released five of their videos around that time, they are: WPW 412 and 413 of Laura Binetti (which are both now on WPW 412), WPW 437 of Luciana Mendonca, WPW 438 with Suzan Kaminga and WPW 439 of Laura Bass.
       To follow are the 14 other titles we re-released as WPW videos. Note that Threshold's format differed a bit from WPW's regular videos, but the content is the same- the women work out in the gym, pose in different outfits (though, mostly bikinis and one-pieces) and are interviewed. Professional cameras were used for great picture quality. All the following women were in top contest shape, except for WPW599.
Runs 56 minutes.

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