WPWCV15A - Strongest Gymwork: Shelley Beattie, Kris Luebke, Doughdee Marie, Vicki Sims, Virginia Brady, Cyndie Meintzer, Cathey Compton-Smith - (164 minutes) - Video Download

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WPWCV15A - Compilation Video - (164 minutes) - Video Download
STRONGEST BODYBUILDERS:  We took the footage of the 7 most impressive gym workouts for women bodybuilders of the late 80’s-early 90’s. This is NOT repwork, it features very heavy lifting, and the footage was taken from our original WPW videos, several of which are no longer available in the original form.

Features one of the best heavy workouts ever- Shelley Beattie and Kris Luebke, followed by Doughdee Marie (two different years), Vicki Sims, Virginia Brady, Cyndie Meintzer and Cathey Compton-Smith.
Runs about 164 minutes.

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